10 Secrets to Selling Your Home That People Often Forget

Kate Hamlin  |  July 10, 2022

10 Secrets to Selling Your Home That People Often Forget

You may have bought and sold a house before, or maybe this is your first time. Irrespective, you need to smooth the way for a sale that meets your targets and helps you discover your property's maximum potential. The more attractive your house is to potential buyers, the higher your chances of closing quickly, and at a good rate.

You can try baking some cookies, cleaning up, or having a lovely display of fresh flowers around the home. But these are cliché ways used by most sellers to create an appeal. While selling your house may require a lot of effort, it does not mean the process has to be harder than necessary. Being smart about how you invest your time and energy can help you get the best price possible – or better yet, spike a bidding war!
For your convenience, here are ten best-selling secrets to guide you on how to put your property over the edge and sell quickly, even in a slow market.

1. First Impression Matters

Notwithstanding how perfect the interior of your home looks, chances are that buyers have already judged your house even before walking through the door. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Boosting your curb appeal is a great way to pique your buyers' interest. Therefore, it would be best if you made potential buyers feel welcome as they approach your front door.

One way to achieve this is to ensure your mailbox looks good. Because your mailbox is one of the first things prospective buyers will look at, it is important to make sure it stands out. You can paint it if it needs repainting, or replace it entirely if it looks weathered.

Another way to make a good initial statement is to take care of your landscape – plants, lawns, flowerbeds, etc. You do not have to go over the top; you just need to tidy up and ensure things look alive. For instance, you can hire a professional to mow your loans and trim your bushes.

2. Get the Correct Pricing

Get the Correct Pricing

One of the tried and tested ways to sell your home fast is through competitive pricing. If you have hired a real estate agent to help you with the sale, trust them to guide you through the correct square footage cost.

If you price your property too high, you may drive away prospective buyers. Your realtor will evaluate the homes in your area to establish a competitive price. But if you really want to sell fast, you can price your home slightly lower. If you haven't sold by a set date, your agent may advise you to lower your selling price further.

3. Do Repairs that Need to be Done

Do Repairs that Need to be Done

You might not have enough time to do major renovations. Therefore, focus on quick fixes that could deter prospective buyers. Whatever you do, never over-upgrade. You will not recover your money if you make extensive renovations right before you put your house up for sale. Instead, carry out repairs that will pay off and help you get the best sale, such as:

  • Fixing a leaking toilet
  • Removing noticeable stains on the ceiling
  • Fixing any loose hinges on doors
  • Make sure all plumbing systems are in good condition
  • Fixing a hole in the fence
Failing to do these simple repairs may prompt the buyer to negotiate for a lower price. In the worst-case scenario, a prospective buyer may ask to back out of the deal, citing poor house maintenance. Depending on your finances, you may consider purchasing new appliances and repainting the interior.

4. Declutter

To purchase your property, buyers need to visualize themselves living in the space. But they cannot do so if your house is messy. One of the most cost-efficient home selling strategies is to make your property clutter-free. You want to make your home look and feel as spacious as possible. The fewer things in your house, the bigger your home will feel.

Go through everything and get rid of what you do not need. Give things you haven't used in a year up for donation. Have a garage sale if you must. You can also consider renting a storage unit to store items you don't use frequently.

If you have your house out on the market, it should remain clean no matter the time of the day or night. Hire a cleaning agency if you cannot do the cleaning yourself. Here are key areas to focus on:

  • Inside your closets
  • On your kitchen countertops
  • On floors and room corners
  • Inside and outside your windows
  • In your basement and garage

5. Accentuate the Best Features

Accentuate the Best Features

Every home has its best features, and you should know yours. For example, if your house has good lighting, make sure the windows are open and free from clutter. If you have shiny floors, do not have too many rugs around your house.

Your home should feel as appealing as possible, but be careful not to over-stage. Maximize the light in your rooms, reduce your future, and ensure your closet remains organized. You can even leave the closets half-empty to give the illusion of additional space.

6. Focus on Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Focus on Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you have dated kitchens and baths, you might want to consider renovating them because this is what potential buyers will look at first. Your kitchen and bathrooms set the tone for the entire house and are some of the greatest selling points. The most important aspects homebuyers look for in a kitchen are an eat-in arrangement and modern kitchen appliances.

You could also re-glaze your bathrooms in a more neutral color pallet. You do not have to do anything extraordinary – simple white tabs and baths never go out of style. What's more, a re-glazed bathroom looks and feels cleaner.

7. Film a Video Tour

Most people take excellent photos and make fantastic descriptions of their properties. However, today, the most competent estate agents have added something else to their marketing arsenal – the internet! Therefore, it would be best if you talked to your agent about preparing a video tour or making a slideshow, in addition to the magnificent photos.

Filming a video tour is a novelty that can attract potential buyers. Like investing in a good photographer to market your house, your real estate agent should either be really good at video tours or work with an expert. Homebuyers will likely look at the pictures first, but a video tour will seal the deal.

8. Let Your Real Estate Agent Show the Property to You

While it may be true that no one understands your house better than you do, this is part of the real estate agent’s job. Viewing property in the homeowner's presence can make forthcoming buyers very uncomfortable. They may be afraid to speak their mind and ask questions for fear of offending you.

Because you hired an expert to sell the property for you, trust them to do their work. Give them a set of keys and arrange a viewing for when you will not be at the house. Micromanaging will only work in your favor.

9. Communication is Key

Communication is Key

Nothing is as frustrating as not being able to reach a seller when required. If you want things to move quickly, you must be available in person or on the other side of the phone. But this works both ways – you should be in constant contact with your agent, and they should be in constant communication with you.

As a rule of thumb, your realtor should get in touch with you not more than 24 hours after viewing. They should also give you weekly updates to know how much progress you are making.

10. Schedule Bookings during Sunny Days

The perfect time of the day to book a viewing highly depends on the property's nature. If there is a specific time when the sun's rays are more prevalent in your garden, this is a great time to have your viewing. It will accentuate your exterior and increase the chances of securing a good deal on your house.

Also, if you live in proximity to a school, the best time to schedule the viewing would be in the middle of the day, on a weekday. This will mean less traffic on the roads and driveways.

Are you looking for a partner to help you sell fast? With more than 16 years of real estate experience I'd love to make your home-selling process seamless. As a Master Certified Negotiation Expert, I have in-depth knowledge regarding the best techniques that can give you a leg up during negotiations. Contact me to get started now.

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